Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mentoring Future Political Leaders Means Future Torment for Country

As the President went to speak to the NAACP about “unity”, members of his party trained Congressional interns on its polar opposite. Republican leaders indoctrinated America’s youth and future political leaders on hyper-competition. In today’s election environment one can only win by causing the other party to lose.

Rep. Patrick McHenry kicked the slamfest off literally with his foot pummeling of Helen Thomas, longtime White House correspondent.

She is off her rocker," McHenry said. "She's lost it. She's a left-wing, socialist, wacko, communist." McHenry went on to describe Thomas as "nuts" and from "outer-space" and his rant against Thomas drew an enthusiastic applause and cheers from the predominately-Republican intern crowd.

The 30 year old elected leader verbally hounded the woman who likely has covered politics since before Mr. McHenry was born. Fortunately Mrs. Thomas could not be reached for comment. Otherwise she would have marched down to McHenry’s office, grabbed him by the ear, taken him to the washroom and washed his mouth out with soap. The reason Helen could not do this was her prior appointment with President Bush to clean up his potty mouth. “Sh_t” can take a while to wash out.

Rep. Roy Blount made several observations about Democrats to the interns, which include:

“They have no agenda," he said. "There is no overriding ideology." Later he added “They have nothing in common except that they're not us.”

Rep. Bount failed to point out the common practice of Republicans and Democrats to make boatloads of money as lobbyists, to serve on corporate boards, and to steer government business to their buddies. Rep. Blount should research corporate and lobbying positions held by James Baker, William Cohen, Tom Daschle, and William Perry.

Soon the next crop of campaign money trough gorgers will hit K Street and Wall Street. Get ready for Tom DeLay and Bill Thomas. They are ready to join the previously mentioned government servants in cashing in. That both Democrats and Republicans have in common, despite Mr. Blount’s words indicating otherwise. Thus, the American people, including the new interns remain in the dark.

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