Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ever Changing Two Faces of Middle East

Israel launched its attack on democratic Lebanon two weeks ago with the aim being the complete elimination of Hezbollah. This morning that aim muted into “dealing with the Hezbollah infrastructure that is within reach”. Did the vaunted Israeli war machine really change its mind or does it continue to lie to the world?

Secretary Rice’s words on the situation are laughable. "I have no doubt there are those who wish to strangle a democratic and sovereign Lebanon in its crib." Did she not notice the U.S. supplied fingerlike planes and bombs doing the choking? Did Uncle Sam pull the infant democracy out of the crib so Israel could stomp on it?

This outbreak of violence is sponsored by the only nuclear power in the region, Israel. It’s causing a tsunami like spillover into the Iranian nuclear technology negotiations. Who in the region wouldn’t want nuclear weapons at this point to hold off the regional bully and its sponsor?

The world witnesses a group of leaders incapable of governing on behalf of all persons. They cloak their true intentions as they move their military chess pieces around the board. The deaths of innocent people are characterized as “collateral damage”. At a time when the world needs fewer weapons of mass destruction, the world competes to develop bigger, more innovative ways to exterminate God’s loved children. President Bush leads the way with microwave crowd dispersers, lightning like IED disablers, the latest nuclear weapons and heaven forbid, space weapons.

If Bush wants to know why there is an arms race he need only look at Israel-Lebanon after checking out his reflection in the mirror. That is if he’s not distracted.

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