Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bush Will Stand with Whom in Lebanon?

For all the talk about freedom and democracy in the Middle East, President Bush has a funny way of furthering that in Lebanon. He cheered from the sidelines for almost 3 weeks of brutal attacks by the revenge inspired Israeli war machine. Bush even facilitated the early shipment of precision guided weapons to Israel as he blasted Iran and Syria for arming Hezbollah.

His Saturday morning radio address is even more curious in regard to Lebanon. While he said “Lebanon’s democratic government must be empowered” and “we stand with the democratic government”, Bush never once mentioned Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora. The U.S. President specifically mentioned by name the Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki and the Palestinian Authority’s President Abbas.

Why the absence of Siniora, the democratically elected leader of Lebanon? Was it his brush off of Condi’s deal? Sec. Rice is now pushing it to the Lebanese Cabinet? Why the change? I don’t know about anyone else, but I smell a Bush sponsored “regime change”.

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