Monday, July 31, 2006

Phase II in Mobilizing the Embryo Voter

Karl Rove executes the 2006 Election Plan with precision. Just after calling the media “corrosive” to political professionals, the Strategist reveals a deal on emergency contraception guaranteed to mobilize voters come November.

Phase I of the plan to turn out embryo voters began with President Bush’s veto of a bill expanding stem cell lines available for federally funded research. This early foray ran into trouble when the American University in Beirut revealed it had frozen embryos which Bush did not do anything to protect. As American bombs fell around Beirut, federal funds endangered the very life the President promised to protect.

As a result, Karl quickly went to Phase II of the plan. In a game of political poker, the new candidate for FDA Chief would not receive a vote on his nomination unless Plan B got the got ahead from the Food and Drug Administration. The Strategist quickly accepted the framework of the deal, knowing he could use it to his political advantage. The mere mention of FDA discussions with the drug’s applicant will unglue the President’s base. They consider such a thing murder. God apparently is the largest murderer as most terminations happen without a drug or medical procedure.

Those murderous God loving embryo protectors will vote this November and it is clear Karl wants their vote. So y’all just give it to him! Will ya?

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