Friday, July 14, 2006

War President Won’t “Interfere” with Carnage, Wants His Way

Late Friday afternoon with most people’s attention already turned toward a fun summer weekend, President Bush played Pontius Pilate by washing his hands of the escalating Israeli war machine as it churns through Lebanon intent on revenge. White House spokesman Tony Snow had this to say “The President is not going to make military decisions for Israel.”

This raises several questions. One, with his limited service in the Texas National Guard, does Bush even know how to make a military decision? He is familiar with using family influence to grant contracts and favors. That lesson he learned in Alabama. Two, why would he make military decisions for Israel when he doesn’t make them for U.S. troops in Iraq? Those decisions are made by the commanders “on the ground”.

And three, does President Bush only interfere when he has the opportunity to take out innocents along with the bad guys, rejecting opportunities to save unfortunate bystanders? Bush tampered in Iraq at the loss of 30 to 100 thousand innocent lives. Bush is taking a pass on aiding Lebanon when information indicates as many 25,000 U.S. citizens may be in country. His callousness applies to even his own citizens in harm’s way.

Four, why wouldn’t a “rule of law” President be enforcing international law? Who has the power in Israel to declare war, the Prime Minister, the Knesset? What right does Israel have to attack its neighbor, a sovereign democracy? Who owns the bridges, airport, and power stations attacked by Israeli forces? Are they all Hezbollah’s?

Five, why the hand’s off with Shiites in Lebanon and the bear hug with Bush’s new Shiite friend in Iraq, Prime Minister al-Maliki? What impact will this have on our President’s nearby pet project, going so swimmingly?

Why does the White House keep saying it is important for everyone to speak with one voice when the United States is the lone dissenter on this issue? This image comes to mind. The neighborhood bully is pissed that the crowd ignores him so he gets his henchman to pick off one of the weaker kids straggling on the fringes and pummel him. The onlookers are horrified and implore the tormentor to stop. The bully shouts “only if I get my way!” Yes, that is the scene today. George wants the one voice to be his way.

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