Friday, July 28, 2006

Harry Potter’s Apologus Demandus Spell Still in Force, “Hitleritis” Mutating?

Last summer’s outbreak of apology requests in the political arena might have been driven by the teen wizard’s apologus demandus spell. It appears Harry Potter may be tampering with the elections in the Sunshine State. Recently Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean made unkind remarks about the Republican Senatorial Candidate, rep. Katherine Harris. The Harris campaign, now on its 4th campaign manager, took offense to the Dean remarks and demanded an apology.

Howard’s comments raise a different concern. He compared Ms. Harris and President Bush to Stalin’s heavy handed leadership of Russia. Last summer a similar spate of political comparison’s to Adolf Hitler flew around Capital Hill. Has Hitleritis mutated into Stalin’s Disease? I do hope President Bush gets the Centers for Disease Control on this possibility ASAP.

As for breaking the apologus demandus spell, I recall the secret being identifying “Bumblemort”. The President may wish to contact an auror for assistance, unless he already knows the identity of Bumblemort. Either way, it appears the current campaign season will have numerous heinous leader comparisons and an equal number of apologies demanded.

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