Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tony Snow Calls It, Allies Must Do the Talking

In is search for lasting change to resolve the current Middle East Crisis, the Bush administration will have to go deeper than its surface analysis it presents as “root cause”. According to legendary management guru Dr. Edwards W. Deming, President Bush and Condi Rice have 5 more whys to ask.

Commenting on the situation today, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow had this to say “it's incumbent on the United States to use whatever moral force and moral power it has and also let allies do the talking." Virtually every other world leader has called for an immediate cease fire in Lebanon. Only Bush and Olmert think the Israeli war machine should continue its revenge inspired mission.

This means the U.S. has no moral force or moral power. The bank account of which Tony speaks is empty as Bush runs another one of his deficits. Taking Tony’s advice the U.S. must now let our allies do the talking.

Tony Blair appears to be stepping up post Bush frat boy behavior at the G-8 summit. After hearing George curse while watching him chew with his mouth open, Prime Minister Blair decided to take matters into his own hands. Might German Chancellor Merkel have recovered from her Bush groping to support Tony’s heavy lifting? Let's hope so.

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