Friday, July 28, 2006

Bleeping Idiots Finally Call for Cease Fire!

The Bush/Blair Neanderthal Team finally caught up with the rest of the world announcing their belated support for a cease fire in Lebanon. After 17 days of pummeling the fledgling democracy of Lebanon, the U.S. and British leader acquiesced to worldwide condemnation calling for a cease fire.

In doing so, they lectured two countries in the region that long called for a cessation of violence, Syria and Iran. Every Middle Eastern country (other than the aggressor) called for an immediate cease fire weeks ago. The Bush/Blair delay tactic served to unite the Muslim community in ways heretofore unseen.

Apparently Tony & George don’t spend much time in the schoolyard, otherwise they would know enemies in a neighborhood unite when a dark force from outside tries to tamper in their turf. Will the two Western cowboys unite Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia with Syria and Iran? Which way will the incredibly unstable Iraq go? After 3 years of freedom, Iraq seems to become a more precarious place every day.

The world should know Bush prescribed that very tonic in today’s news conference. A big dose of freedom should do the trick. He did not explain why Iraq’s big dab of freedom isn’t healing the country’s divisions. Maybe that will come in the next news conference, but to be safe, I won’t hold my breath.

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