Sunday, July 30, 2006

Acid Karl Calls Journalists “Corrosive”

Karl Rove, the sulfuric acid dripping on America’s political machine, called the media “corrosive” is a recent speech. Karl’s divide and conquer election strategies never end in the world of the permanent campaign. His statement fits squarely in this framework with an election only 3 months away. It is an update on his prior “mainstream liberal media” harping. This resonates well with his conservative base.

Why is Karl really mad at the media? History shows Karl uses the media like a member of the world’s oldest profession that Sen. Chuck Grassley wants to tax. A legal case shows Mr. Rove’s role in the purposeful leaking of classified information for political gain. When the media won’t roll over for his nefarious schemes, they get called corrosive.

What happens when the White House won’t answer questions? Are they then combative? President Bush never wrote me back to explain why The Carlyle Group’s LifeCare Hospitals got a free pass in the Lessons Learned Report despite 24 patient deaths. The web is full of information on “The Wanta Plan”, yet the White House has said nothing on this matter. Neither question has been asked of Tony Snow or President Bush in a news conference, so the media can’t be all that corrosive.

In his speech Mr. Rove said “some decry the professional role of politics”. My concern is not people choosing politics as a profession. It is the methods political operatives like Karl use. The divide and demean our country.

My advice to Karl is the same I regularly give to President Bush, look deeply in the mirror before opening your mouth.

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