Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel Says No Cease Fire, Needs Weeks to Crush Hezbollah?

Israeli Prime Minister may be the only world leader not calling for a cease fire by the end of this week. U.S. President Bush indicated some movement in this direction in his remarks earlier today. Prime Minister Olmert said “There is no cease fire, there will be no cease fire…many days of fighting still await us.”

The Israeli leader gave a hollow apology for the loss of innocent lives in Qana. Of course he would not use the word innocent. Olmert and Company would call them terrorists or people who did not follow orders to leave. The challenges of evacuating on crater filled roads with little gasoline available while bombs fall around have been well chronicled by the media.

While Israel did not intend to kill the children, it was a very predictable event given the invaders policies. Mr. Olmert can say he is sorry from the bottom of his heart but I don’t believe he has one. No leader with a heart could unleash their savage war machine for “the unique opportunity to change the rules in Lebanon”. Yes, Mr. Olmert the children are simply chess pieces in your game.

How much longer will the Israeli offensive last? Will it go 2 or 3 more weeks? If so, that would have Israeli planes traveling north around the time of the Iranian nuclear reply is due to the United Nations. Iran will give its reply to the United Nations on August 22nd.

What happens if it’s the middle finger salute? Will fighter and bomber wings fly north into Lebanon before veering off to the East? Will their stealth technology give them the upper hand by avoiding detection as they speed toward Iranian nuclear facilities? Will their laser guided missiles find their targets buried deep underground? Will the Israeli war machine become the first to use nuclear weapons to prevent another country from developing that same technology?

The aggression continues for a reason that is likely much greater than two captured soldiers. Those have been avenged many times over already. Israel owes Lebanon billions of dollars in infrastructure. Will it owe Iran a nuclear power plant as well? Stay tuned.

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