Monday, July 31, 2006

Second Blair End Run on Bush Policies in Weeks

British Prime Minister Tony Blair met with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on creating a joint market for greenhouse gases. This is the second end run by Tony after meeting a Bush brick wall. The first occurred after President Bush’s 4 letter word, butter roll smacking escapade at the G-8 meeting.

After Bush refused calls for an immediate cease fire, Mr. Blair went straight to the U.N. Chief to get peacekeepers in the region ASAP. Nearly three weeks later President Bush remains committed to his original position despite world outrage over the mounting toll on innocent lives.

Now, Mr. Blair once again runs around President Bush on global warming. With his head buried in the ever hotter sand, Bush is missing the British P.M.’s dis. I suggest he pull it out as many Middle East leaders speak things our President needs to hear.

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