Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rice Leaves Middle East Uniting Against U.S. & Israel

The repeated international calls for an immediate cease fire continue to fall on deaf ears. Lips grow angrier with each bombing taking innocent life. Over 50 Lebanese civilians, many children died last night at the hands of Israeli bombs, over 600 since the conflict exploded. Hezbollah rockets continue to kill innocent Israelis.

As a result Sec. Rice left the region with her tail between her legs. A planned meeting with Prime Minister Siniora did not occur. He again requested an immediate cease fire and an investigation into the night time raid that killed so many of his people.

The Pope summed it up with his call for an end to the intentional death and destruction.

"In the name of God, I appeal to all those responsible for this spiral of violence, so that they immediately put down their arms on all sides," the pope told pilgrims and tourists at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, on the outskirts of Rome. Pausing slightly, he repeated the word "immediately."

"I appeal to governing leaders and to international institutions not to spare any effort to obtain this necessary cessation of hostilities," the pontiff said.

Much of the international community has been calling for an immediate cease-fire, but Israel and the United States have resisted.

The Lebanese people are well aware of the obstructers of an immediate cease fire as more than 5,000 protested the killings in Central Beirut. Other international leaders weighed in on the tragedy.

French President Jacques Chirac's office said "France condemns this unjustifiable action, which shows more than ever the need to move toward an immediate cease-fire."

Jordan's King Abdullah II condemned "the ugly crime perpetrated by Israeli forces in Qana."

However the United Nations remains silent on the Israeli offensive other than the hand slap for killing 4 of its observers.

The Security Council has yet to take a stance on the fighting, in part because the United States has not called for a cessation of hostilities.

Secretary Rice came home as she needed to wash the blood off her hands.

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