Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When Did U.S. Twist Britain’s Arm to Oppose Immediate Cease Fire?

When did Great Britain change its position calling for an immediate cease fire in the Israel-Lebanon conflict? Last I knew a disgusted Tony Blair was working hand in hand with U.N. Chief Kofi Annan on that very issue. They left buttered roll chewing President Bush trying to get the foul curse word tainted flavor out of this mouth.

Now I read Sec. Rice “favors urgently ending the violence”. Later in the same AP article it states:

The United States and Britain opposed the push for a quick cease-fire, saying any truce should ensure that Hezbollah no longer is a threat to Israel and should ensure a durable peace.

Now the U.S. is not alone standing in the field. We have our lap dog with us. Just when I hoped real united worldwide leadership would send us and Israel a message, Bush has to break bad, beat the dog, thus getting his poodle by his side. Now it is the U.S., Britain, and Israel against the world. As Condi said the lines are being drawn. To date not many are jumping over to our side.

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