Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sorry Condi, Root Causes Aren’t Found After the 1st Why?

The U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice spoke on the Sunday morning political shows about the Israeli right to defend itself from Hezbollah. In her defense of Israel she cited reasons for the dropping of bombs and blockading the fledgling Lebanese democracy, the taking of two Israeli soldiers. Condi also cited Hezbollah’s shooting rockets into Israeli territory as part of the root cause.

Dr. Deming, noted leadership guru taught one needed to ask why six or seven times to get at the root cause. Mrs. Rice has at least 5 whys to go. I’ll help her get going.

Situation: Israel unleashes its revenge driven war machine. Why #1?

Answer #1: In retaliation for the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. Why did Hezbollah kidnap the soldiers? Why #2?

Answer #2: To use them as leverage for the release of the 9,000 some Palestinians in Israeli custody with roughly the same legal rights as U.S. prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Why so many Palestinian prisoners? Why #3?

Answer #3: Many Palestinians resort to violence in seeking revenge for lost loved ones, lost homes, lost property, and/or a second class life living in the state of Israel. Why #4?

Answer #4: The State of Israel has been cited by the State Department as treating Arabs as second class citizens. Why does Condi not know what her own department says about Israel? Why #5?

Answer #5: Because she is living in the Bush worldview, which pushes its cowboy interpretation of events regardless of either history or the big picture. Why does it ignore the establishment of Israel Post World War II and the long time plight of the displaced Palestinian people? Why #6?

Answer #6: Because that is the real root cause. An understanding of this requires the U.S. to be an honest broker for peace. This upsets President Bush as he just contracted out his cowboy diplomacy to Israel under the condition they not wear ten gallon hats. Besides it is easier to wear a yarmulke under a helmet!

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