Friday, July 14, 2006

Balls on a Platter, Best Dish of Revenge

As the world cycle of discounts, distrust, and name calling continues what are the common responses? A good round of verbal invective rarely stays there for long, especially in our insecure ego led world. With hyper competitive, win/lose leaders entrenched in the world’s most powerful countries it quickly escalates into intentional violence, death and destruction.

In the past, sports often provided a welcome break from war and internal conflict. Nation states stopped war so their athletes could compete in the Olympics. The recent World Cup shows the pitch is not immune to such insults. An Italian defender defamed French star Zinedine Zidane’s sister and mother. Unable to control his anger, the French warrior responded with a vicious headbut. Since then the star’s mother weighed in with her request. “If what he said is true, I want his balls on a platter.”

It appears a round of balls is wanted all around. Bush wants Mahmoud Ahmadinehad’s and Kim Jong Il’s. Olmert wants any Hamas or Hezbollah leaders’ and likewise they want his mountain oysters on a platter. Chavez and Morales want Bush’s cohones and he feels similarly. How about we stop the ball obsession thing? Leaders quit swinging yours around. With them off display there is less likelihood of their removal. Gentleman, sheath your balls!

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