Friday, July 21, 2006

Step #1 in Middle East Peace Negotiations, Cease Fire then Bon Fire!

The first thing parties in the current Middle East conflict need to do is stop the intentional harm, death and destruction. Then all parties need to remove the logs from their eyes instead of pointing out the stick in the others’. This process should take quite some time as all parties are currently blinded by Giant Redwood sized timbers.

A fire should be built with the massive amounts of wood, one that could shed light around the Earth. No violence could occur as long as the fire burns. With a several decade build up of log-eye, the bon fire should burn for at least a year. Any other persons starting violence around the world would be required to come to this same fire, declare their logs, and toss them into the communal pyre. In a year we shall examine what we have. Hopefully by then, President Bush and Secretary Rice will be able to see.

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