Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush to Show Up at NAACP Meeting with His 3 Favorite Black People

To give President Bush a modicum of support at this week’s NAACP meeting, three of his closest black friends will be sitting in the front row, Secretary of State Condi Rice, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Bob Johnson, a partner in a recently announced joint venture with The Carlyle Group. The group of four is collectively known as “Bush and his Oreos”.

The three plan to cheer loudly during Bush’s remarks. They hope to mitigate the expected jet engine roar of razz-berries for the President’s growing the number in poverty and without health insurance on his shift.

For those who believe this to be a simple parody by a deranged blogger, why is Condi holding off going to the Middle East? Yes, a parody this all is…..

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