Friday, July 14, 2006

Time Magazine Joins Dan Rather in Getting it Slightly Wrong

The July 17th issue of Time has this for a cover story, “The End of Cowboy Diplomacy”. Unfortunately this respected news source made a pre-mature prophecy. President Bush did not end cowboy diplomacy; he just employed his favorite strategy and contracted out the job. To make the connection harder to find, Bush ordered the contractor’s staff not to wear ten gallon hats. Besides, it is easier to fit one’s yarmulke under a helmet.

What happens when respected journalists err slightly in their stories? Dan got placed in the anchor heap bin. Where will Time end up? Will it be with all the other journalists who get the story mostly right about Bush transgressions? If so, the magazine will be taken to task as inaccurate and unpatriotic. As will all the others challenging the various versions of “shock and awe” occurring throughout the world. Brace yourself, another war over war is coming….

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