Thursday, July 27, 2006

Are Politicians Simply Men Who Play Games?

In several recent posts I lamented the decline in political role models for America’s youth, comparing their poor behavior and analytical skills to some professional athletes. George Bush’s four letter words, butter roll lip smacking prefaced his trashing the notion of “root cause”. Then Howard Dean called a Semite, an “Anti-Semite”. Neither Bush nor Dean are elevating the dialogue amongst or the intelligence of the American people.

Who might soon join them on the political stage? It is one of those historically questionable professional athlete “role models”, Charles Barkley. Sir Charles will bring his elocution skills to the Democratic Party, just recently switching from his Republican stance.

"I was a Republican until they lost their minds," Charles said earlier this month.

Yes, the proliferation of poor role models continues. If Charles refused to be one as a NBA player, why would he suit up for the role now? He might say please as he asks for his buttered roll, and then again he may not. From his on the court play, it is highly likely Sir Charles will use King George’s “sh_t” word. Best warn the children, not much elevating will happen this election season!

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