Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bush Record Shows Lawsuit Incapacitation

The AP just reported the United States declined to cooperate with Germany on an investigation of the abduction of a German citizen by U.S. authorities. Its reason for non-compliance being the abducted, Mr. al-Masri filed a civil suit against the CIA.

As soon as a lawsuit is mentioned the Bush administration stops all public comment, cooperation with other entities, and even internal investigations. Here is where the President misses the point. Investigations are conducted by leaders to identify root causes with the aim or intent of preventing them from happening again.

From Hurricane Katrina to the CIA agent leak, Bush’s track record of internal investigations shows he protects his friends at all costs. His Lessons Learned report on Katrina gave a huge pass to LifeCare Hospitals for their patient deaths. Their owners, The Carlyle Group is packed with Bush buddies. Bush never released the internal White House investigation into the Plame leak. If it was anything like the Katrina evaluation, Cheney and Rove's name are conspicuously absent.

So who is President Bush defending on the inside in the al-Masri investigation? And who is he failing in the future with poor leadership today?

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