Sunday, July 30, 2006

President Bush Fails Children Once Again

Just six days ago I encouraged President Bush to keep a picture of Lebanese children killed in conflict by his bed until a cease fire had been declared. Last night at least 34 children died at the hands of Israeli bombs. Today that same leader had the audacity to say:

"Today's actions in the Middle East remind us that friends and allies must work together for a sustainable peace particularly for the sake of children"

Nineteen days after the conflict began, President Bush continues to place innocent children’s lives at risk in his blocking of worldwide demands for an immediate cease fire. Who built the bombs the Israelis dropped last night? Were they in the rush order Bush approved just days ago? Who manufactured the planes that dropped the bombs? Who flew the planes the delivered their lethal cargo?

Leaders on both sides continue to fail the children. I can only attempt to influence the leader of my country. For the second time I write him, asking for an immediate cessation of intentional violence, death and destruction on behalf of our youth.

He says “May God bless those who lost their lives” and I say “May God show those who caused it, their ways of war should be no more”.

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