Monday, July 17, 2006

Pattern Becomes Trend, Bush to Dis’ NAACP for 6th Year in a Row?

After inviting President Bush to the annual NAACP meeting five years in row with no success, Chairman Julian Bond decided to take the meeting to the nation’s capital. Will President Bush snub the group for the sixth straight year? My guess is yes.

He will use the current crisis in the Middle East to blow off the gathering of civil rights leaders. After the razz-berries given him at the funeral of Coretta Scott King, Bush has no inclination to hang out with this crowd.

Famed management guru Dr. Deming talked about unique processes that produce figures and how looking at the data over time can provide a greater understanding. The measure in this case is Presidential attendance at the NAACP meeting. For decades President’s took the opportunity to speak at the annual civil rights gathering. Since 2001, Bush passed on this particular meeting, choosing instead to attend annual roasts where his self deprecating humor can be on stage.

Statisticians teach six or seven data points in a row constitutes a trend. Should Bush bail on the 2006 meeting, a definite trend would be established. Now who was he just talking about ordering around at the G-8 meeting? That would be the U.N. chief Kofi Annan, a real African.

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Christopher King said...

For a detailed analysis of why the NAACP and Bushco will get tight soon -- citing to Professor Joan Roelof's piece,

"Military Contractor Philanthropy: Why some stay silent."

Check this blawg entry from a former NAACP Legal Redress Chair.