Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bush Administration Votes for Israel’s Overwhelming Use of Force

The United States used its veto power as member of the United Nations’ Security Council for the first time in two years. The measure John Bolton smacked down at the direction of President Bush involved condemning Israel’s Gaza incursion as a “disproportionate use of force” that endangers Palestinian citizens. It also demanded a troop withdrawal.

The United Nations is yet to take up the case of Lebanon, a fledgling democracy also attacked by Israel. Lebanon asked the Security Council to demand an immediate cease fire. While our American ally is angry at Hezbollah for taking two of its soldiers, Israel punished the Lebanese democracy by attacking the Beirut airport and two military bases. This would be like beating your son because you are angry at your wife.

After taking overwhelming force from an Israeli air attack, retaliatory rockets landed in Northern Israel. Several set new records for distance covered worrying Israeli military and political leaders. In an odd twist one had this to say.

"Those who fire into such a densely populated area will pay a heavy price," said David Baker, an official in the Israeli prime minister's office.

This from the country that launches laser guided bombs in busy city streets? Do they think the world does not see their double standard? What will John Bolton do in regard to the Lebanese appeal calling for an immediate cessation to the Israeli attacks and blockade? With 25,000 Americans in Lebanon he must give this issue some consideration. Will he encourage a temporary cease fire to enable U.S. citizens to be evacuated or not? Should Americans get out, what then? Will it be Katy bar the door as the Israeli vengeance machine wreaks its destruction?

Today’s vote shows President Bush isn’t just inattentive, having not talked to any Middle Eastern leaders by phone for several weeks. It shows he is a willing part of the intentional death and destruction play perpetrated by Israel. I hoped he was only clueless, adding mean to the list is such a disappointment.

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