Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Advice for President Bush from Dr. Deming

In recollecting my years studying Dr. Deming’s teachings, I migrated to the Deming Institute’s website. At the top of the home page is a quote from the master. By refreshing the page with my browser, one can get a new quotation. After numerous clicks, the guru’s words on the screen resonated deeply within me.

Every theory is correct in its own world, but the problem is that the theory may not make contact with this world.

How might Mr. Bush know if his theories are making contact with this world? By following the plan, do, study, act cycle. By understanding variation and the appropriate strategies to address its two forms. By having some idea about what motivates people, the crippling consequences of fear and the damage incentive systems do to intrinsic motivation. By knowing about systems, optimization, and interaction.

After 5 and ½ years in office, President Bush appears to be in his own world. When will it come into contact with reality? I can just see George in front of the master saying “Damn, this is some boring sh_t, this guy is going on too long.” What happens when the clueless lead nations with superpower capabilities? I am afraid we will find out too soon.

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