Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush Team Loosing It, Cheney Can’t Do Plan with Timetables & Condi Forgets How to Arrive at “Root Cause”

The Bush Administration is looking rather elementary in its approach to world problems today. Vice President Cheney no longer can create a business plan with timetables. This loss would surely result in his being tossed from the top chair at Halliburton had it occurred earlier in his career.

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice must be suffering from tremendous fatigue as she is now confusing proximate or immediate cause with root cause. Noted management guru Dr. Edwards Deming said a leader must ask why seven times to get at root cause. Condi seems to be asking why only once. That likely frustrates her boss as he doesn’t care to know even that much. Not needing to know what is going on today, the President shapes his desired future using one primary tool at his disposal, thin air.

The Bush team laments the poor role models in society today with athletes and entertainers living immoral lives. Unfortunately they are the newest people in the spotlight not worthy of emulation.

Using Bush & Condi’s framework of analysis, how might a high school student interpret their failing a test? Well until the test was graded, it had infinite potential. It could be an A or an A+. Then that teacher graded it, marking it with an F. Therefore the student’s failing the test is the teachers fault! That is the most immediate and proximate cause.

Using Vice President Cheney’s rhetoric, how might a teenager view getting a college degree? Would they argue with their parents that a 4 year time frame for getting an undergraduate degree is unacceptable and helps the illegal immigrants pouring into America to steal our jobs? Shouldn’t the time frame be left open to give the government time to control the job sucking hordes? That way more high paying jobs could be open when the student graduates! The final degree can be achieved based on information from the Border Control commanders on the ground. When the illegals are under control, the degree can be finished.

The President’s off microphone cursing and creepy shoulder rub of German President Merkel at the G-8 meeting make one wonder “what is considered professional for a world leader today?” I believe both those actions could get a high school student disciplined, cursing and unwanted touching.

Why the cluelessness in basic interpersonal relations? Why the dumbing down of American foreign policy? Why the poor role models for critical thinking, analysis, good planning and execution? If the President really wants schools to be held accountable for their work, then the University of Denver may have a Ph.D to repossess.

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