Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crank Up the Holy War! Speed Up those Bomb Shipments!

Evangelical Preachers are having a field day with the current crisis in the Middle East. Normally God’s children killing each other isn’t something to celebrate, but the fans of Revelation do so joyously.

In an odd religious breakdown, Jewish Israel invades Christian Lebanon to defang Muslim Hezbollah. Looking at their governing structures, both countries are democratic. So much for Bush’s recent well worn line, “Democracies do not war.” Democratic Israel is sponsoring a dandy at the moment. Democratic Lebanon is on life support and the referee won’t stop the fight.

Why would American fundamentalists celebrate the plight of Lebanese Christians? Because Christian Arabs don’t count. Someone has to fall in the final conflagration and it might as well be them. Besides, Americans fight abroad so they won’t have to fight at home. This gives the death cheering fundamentalist the perfect seat to watch the “End Times”. One that is far enough away from the action to give vociferous support to violence makers and still tuck their families safely in at night.

Rather than Revelation, my guess is God is working on another chapter of Lamentations. Might God ask, “Why are people so clueless?” Christ’s teachings are crystal clear on these matters. Leaders incapable of turning the other cheek, go far beyond an eye for an eye. To speed up the destruction from his safe Executive Chair in the Oval Office, President Bush expedited shipment of precision guided bombs to the aggressor, Israel.

What will they write on those bombs, Mr. President? Will it be “Jesus is coming to kick your ass”, “Yaweh’s revenge, the Promised Land is Ours #@%^&#!”, or “Rot in Hell Sinners!” Whatever it is won’t be very Christian.

My hope is the Son returns, clearly telling all leaders of the responsibilities to their people and to God. I have a feeling what your reaction might be, “Cheney, this fella is going on too long, and the stuff he’s saying, it’s not practical! See, I deal in reality, in practicality. This Jesus guy, he doesn’t. He has no plan, no agenda….”

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