Wednesday, July 26, 2006

U.S. & Israel Play Bad Cop, Badder Cop in Middle East

Does anyone else find it strange the new vision of the Middle East comes from a country established post World War II and another not in the region? The “New Middle East” is being imposed by a small but powerful Jewish country in conjunction with a Western country claiming to be the leader of the free world. Both have numerous weapons of mass destruction and military might. History shows both use them frequently to impose their will.

Israel is the current bad cop with Lebanon in its custody. As it pummels away on the fledgling democracy, the U.S. ignores the beating, even keeping watch in case any officers from Internal Affairs happen by. After two weeks of beatings, the U.S. decides Lebanon might want a little food or water. So, America provides a Dasani and a Twinky before shutting the door and allowing the beatings to continue.

These are the people with a vision for a new Middle East. It sounds a lot like the old Middle East to me. People impose their will on the region via violence. Ask the British about their incursion into Iraq around 1920. Churchill ran into tens of thousands of “recalcitrant Arabs” who could not be bombed into submission.

Bush and Olmert might want to read up on history, otherwise they are doomed to repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it….

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