Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush’s Middle Eastern Family Feud

Two brothers, George and Ehud live on the block next to a woman, Lebby and her teenage son, Hizzy. The woman’s husband left her years ago to raise the child alone. Lebby has done the best she can but there are some behavior problems.

The two brothers next door live high on the hog while their next door neighbor struggles month to month. The boys especially like their large backyard pool where they entertain corporate guests, after all it helps sales.

Just before their last big shindig, the delinquent teen next door tossed dozens of doggie logs in the pool. When Ehud came out to find the poo in the pool he threw a fit. He screamed at George “I have had enough! It is time to do something about this.” George stayed by the pool listening to his headphones.

Ehud marched next door to Lebby’s house and proceeded to beat the tar out of her. He left saying “I will continue to beat the snot out of you for the actions of your delinquent son. No more poo in the pool!”

Later that evening Ehud looked out the window to find Hizzy taking a dump in their pool. How dare he! Armed with a gun, Ehud went next door to find Lebby to serve up some justice. George remained on the lounge chair jamming to tunes. Stay tuned for the thrilling next step…..

P.S. Thanks to President George Bush for the poop inspiration! I am not sure I would have come up with it without his aid.

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