Monday, July 31, 2006

BuRice Using “Cease Fire” Language, Israelis Bombs Not Targeting Anything Specific

After 19 days of fierce attacks in Lebanon, the Israeli army committed to a 48 cessation of their aerial assault on their neighbor to the North. That lasted less than a day as Israel bombed an area near its soldiers for protection. The army said it was” not targeting anything or anyone specific.” That comment alone speaks for the Israelis targeting of a general area and its population.

In wording reminiscent of the Bush "rescue" response to Hurricane Katrina, the President and his Sec. of State are now using the "cease fire" word. While Americans screamed at their TV sets last summer for the suffering and dying to be rescued, this July world leaders scream at the United States as it is the only holdout on a call for an immediate cease fire.

Yet, Sec. Rice has the gall to say she would work on a cease fire at the U.N. Security Council when the United States has been an obstacle in that arena for almost 3 weeks. President Bush may get undercut by his partner in crime, Israel.

Israel's defense minister, Amir Peretz, told parliament that Israel would "expand and strengthen" its attack on Hezbollah. "It's forbidden to agree to an immediate cease-fire," Peretz said.

All the children’s blood will be on the hands of leaders from all sides. Innocents die because leaders are incapable of solving their problems in a nonviolent manner. How they fail their people. Why is this so prevalent today? And why are U.S. leaders so obstinate against pursuing peace by peaceful methods? Why do they continue to fail the children by killing many and teaching the living war?

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