Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bush’s New & Better Plans for the Middle East

Step 1: Quit getting any Bush input into plans to improve safety in the Middle East. Everything he touches turns to (that same word he used at the G-8 while speaking to British PM Tony Blair).

Assessment: Iraq has been BUBAR-ed which stands for “Bushed Up Beyond All Recognition”. Lebanon is in the process of being BUBAR-ed. After billions of dollars of destruction, Secretary Rice shows up to offer $30 million dollars in aid. How much did that last round of precision guided missiles sent to Israel cost?

Follow Up: Actually investigate the impact of a decision or action. This step is expressly prohibited in any BUBAR-ing scenario. BUBAR procedure describes the ideal future state and throws in a few hero stories. If leaders happened to be in touch with reality on the ground, the situation might not be so BUBAR-ed.

Pilot Site: The first location for lopping Bush out of the equation is Iraq. His comments calling the violence in Iraq as “still terrible” shows he is a week out of date on his news from the ground. Things got a lot worse the last week, thus they are “more terrible”. The Iraqi Prime Minister is to implement this new strategy as soon as possible, but first he needs to leave the White House. Then he must not pick up the red phone!

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