Friday, July 14, 2006

Bush Urges G-8 Leaders to Speak with Single Voice. His!

A day after the United States was the lone voice of dissent in condemning Israel’s military incursion in Gaza for the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier, President Bush lobbied the G-8 to speak with one voice on crises in the Middle East. Given the juxtaposition, Bush must want that voice to be his.

Most U.N. Security Council members voted for the measure to condemn Israel. It demanded an immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops and the immediate release of any captured prisoners. A few countries abstained, but the only no with veto power came from the United States.

So what’s really going on here? We have the Hamas and Hezbollah leaders against the Israeli government, the U.S. vs. most of the rest of the world, and the G-8 vs. the United Nations? While the U.N. passes on taking a stand, the G-8 is expected to issue a statement on the rising violence in the Middle East.

What has happened in the world today that leaders cannot or will not work through their differences peacefully? Whatever reasons, my guess is the Bush strategy of speaking with one voice won’t address them. It is quite clear whose voice gets to be the one. Once again, it is the neighborhood bully and his pals. When will they learn might does not make right?

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