Friday, July 21, 2006

Student Understands Democrats Trying to Be Republican “Lite” without Seeing Daschle’s Investment Portfolio

There are some sharp college students attending this year’s three day College Democrats National Convention in St. Louis. In a symbiotic move paralleling the Democrats election fortunes the last 6 years, the City of St. Louis lost power for 500,000 citizens.

One of the attendees suggested Democrats are too timid when it comes to standing up for the party's core beliefs. "I don't hear them getting up and talking about what the Democratic Party is really all about. We're using (Republican) language to describe our ideas, and of course that doesn't work," said Kris Stallard, 23, a senior at Northeast State University in Talequah, Okla.

Ms. Stallard called Democrats “Republican Lite” without even looking behind the curtain. Ex Senator Tom Daschle, a serious Presidential candidate for 08, looks a lot like most Republicans out of office. Tom has a high paying lobbying job at Sen. Bob Dole’s firm. Mr. Daschle sits on the board of an investment house a la the gaggle of ex-Republicans who served under Bush 41.

Does Kris know why the House Ways and Means Committee leadership was so quick to pitch Rep. Jefferson? They dumped him because the fish rots from the head down, and Mr. Jefferson stood near the tail. Believe me there are many more tales of dubious financial dealings starting with Rep. Bill Thomas, a long time for profit hospital shill. Just last summer he held a hearing on the unfair advantage of non profit community hospitals. Did that $30,000 donation from FAH and Triad Hospitals give Bill the will to press the Federation’s favorite issue?

Rep. Jefferson saw the healthcare booty and linked up with kidney dialysis companies. Just before his office was raided, those for profit organizations bragged about William’s sponsorship of legislation beneficial to kidney dialysis companies. Investment houses like predictable income streams and Rep. Jefferson was doing his part to make that a reality. Senator Santorum will have the opportunity to deliver the final product for his investors, oopss, I mean campaign contributors.

Yes, Kris Democrats are “Republican lite” and both hide in the dark what you and other Americans should know. They both are the modern day money changers in the temple. Most blaspheme the ideals of democracy with their shameless money grubbing. The American people deserve much better. The question is whether either party is capable of delivering.

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