Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NAACP to Hear Bush’s Pleas for (insert curse word) Unity

The President of the United States decided not to dis the NAACP six years in a row and plans to speak on unity. My question to the President is “What planet are you from?” As leader of the most divisive political party and the world's leading warmaker, what gives you any credibility in speaking about unity?

The President will have a tough audience. Many walked alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King as he spread his vision of peace and love. That he changed the world non-violently must really chap Mr. Bush’s derriere.

My advice to the meeting planners, don’t serve buttered rolls, don’t have boring speakers that talk too long, and do leave the microphone on! The deservedly long razz-berry given this President needs to be on tape.

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