Monday, July 24, 2006

While Real Children Are Being Murdered in War, Bush Clarifies Position on Stem Cells

White House Press Secretary ate some crow Monday due to his going too far in stating the President’s position on stem cell destruction. Last week Tony suggested Mr. Bush viewed stem cell destruction as tantamount to murder.

With real children being murdered on both side of the current Lebanon-Israel conflict, the President chose to clarify his position. “He would not use that term (murder)”, said Tony.
Snow said the president remains opposed to using federal funds for such research because it involves "a destruction of human life."

Yes, and what else involves the destruction of a human life? Weapons, guns, wars, disease, come to mind. Apparently the President has no problem with the federal resources being used to advance weapons development and proliferation.

Human life can also end early due to the lack of food, water, shelter, and access to health care, specifically life saving medicines. The President’s plans to reign in Medicaid will predictably cause children not to get health care, thus involving “a destruction of a human life”.

Life isn’t sacred to this President despite his words and his veto on stem cell line expansion. The first hint was his desire to be known as the War President.

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