Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bush Upset about Climate Change Talk at G-8

U.S. President George Bush stands to leave the G-8 conference madder than a wet hen. First, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke disparagingly of the Iraqi democracy. Then George had to swallow his U.N. veto of resolution condemning all parties and calling for an immediate cease fire in the Gaza. The G-8 passed an almost identical statement regarding Israel’s incursion into Lebanon.

What really frosted Pres. George was other world leaders actually attended the Al Gore movie about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth. Bush prefers to keep his head in the sand until the end of his tenure as our nation’s CEO. Never mind the record warmth in Texas year to date! Not to mention the record electrical bills for June 2006.

It is the talk at all the neighborhood gatherings, baby showers, etc. My bill broke the previous record by 25%, hitting $383. I can afford to pay it as opposed to the cleaning lady at my wife’s work making $5.65 an hour. Believe me Mr. President, we are all talking about it.

Bush’s actions bring to mind the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live. While the nation bakes, Bush ignores the problem of global warming. How conveeenient!

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