Friday, July 21, 2006

Bush Corner Man in Honor Fight, Beware Domestic Version

President Bush stands firmly in the corner for Ehud Olmert as the Israeli Prime Minister pummels the Democratic nation formerly known as Lebanon to root out terrorists. Bush cheers for the brawler while pumping his fists as if he is throwing the actual blows. “Get ‘em Olmy! Make those #@$%@# pay!” Olmert cannot hear a word his cornerman says in his blind revenge inspired rage. He must avenge the kidnapping of two of his soldiers.

Meanwhile a huge international crowd gathers to try and stop the fight. In unison, they yell “Cease fire now! Cease fire now!” After each refrain Bush yells back “Hell No!” in his best Yale cheerleader form.

The family hears of the pummeling being conducted in honor of their captured members. They make their way to the scene pleading "We want the killing to be stopped, both in Israel and in Lebanon. We want everything to be back as it was before, no killing, no kidnapping, we want them back home."

As they make their way to the stage to tell Olmert, Bush calls for security to escort them away. “Let them protest in the designated area, blocks away.” The fight has taken on a life of its own. It is no longer about honor. It’s no longer about making the world a safer place. Sure that’s the rhetoric, but all faiths teach violence begets more violence.

Bush likes the widespread butt kicking and that’s the scary thought. The nation should understand he has the capacity to do such a thing domestically. Under the guise of safety, people will be harmed, tormented, and killed. Predator Stimulus Minimization Centers will soon segregate the harmful elements of society from the good Christian, gay hating, war mongering, profit loving, resource hoarding, tax hating, faith healing, English only speaking competition worshipers.

PSMC’s are coming soon to a neighborhood near you, courtesy of the man pumping his shoulders and fists while egging on his buddy to wipe out the first heinous group of predators. The KKK will be on the outside of the prison walls, safe and sound from the groups they fear.

If you don’t like this vision, there is much work to do. Challenging the Bush cabal is step 1. Requiring the Democrats to be something other than Republican “Lite” is step 2. It is less filling, because it truly is less filling… Whatever you do, let the spirit flow. It will guide your actions. Peace.

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