Monday, June 26, 2006

Bush Administration Confirms Suspicion about Banking Concerns

(AP) Last night I pondered Rep. Pete King’s fiery stance that the New York Times needs to be investigated and prosecuted for revealing the nature of the Treasury Department-CIA monitoring of international financial transactions for terrorist activity. After checking his campaign donations, I found three large money center banking institutions in his top 20 lifetime donors, with JP Morgan Chase sitting at #1.

The New York Times in defending itself shared some of the Bush administration’s concerns with their public revelation of the terrorist money movement program. Times Executive Editor Bill Keller said “part of the government's argument was that the anti-terror program would no longer be effective if it became known, because international bankers would be unwilling to cooperate and terrorists would find other ways to move money.”

Bingo! Now where’s my prize? Please don’t say the government has to monitor my phone, e-mail, computer documents, and financial records to pick out something appropriate, something special just for me. No prizes are necessary as the fun is in the finding. Just ask the intelligence folks! Peace to all.

P.S. The AP at the beginning of the post represents the author’s initials

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