Friday, June 02, 2006

Cheney Inspired Invectives Close Peruvian Presidential Campaign

Dear President Bush,

It appears American style democracy is being exported after all. The Peruvian Presidential campaign ended in a flurry of invectives. Apparently they found Vice President Cheney’s verbal assault of the esteemed Senator from Vermont to be inspirational.

The two candidates made predictions as to how the other would fail the country. Sound familiar? The conservative party’s representative served in the late 1980’s during a time of hyperinflation, corruption, and unprecedented guerilla violence. The liberal party’s position is to shake up the political establishment, even causing them to tremble as it acts on behalf of the poor. Will it go the way of Venezuela and Bolivia or more in the direction of Brazil and Chile? Either way it is a democracy, where people elect their leaders. That is if every vote counts!

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