Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Surprise on the Flag Amendment Story

(AP) People criticize the 109th Congress for tackling symbolic issues designed to get out the vote this November, while ignoring issues that impact the concerns of most Americans. However, as I read the story about the flag amendment I found myself surprised. The debate goes on with Independence Day just a few days away. Was I shocked and amazed to learn Congress actually was in session with an approaching holiday! Surely the 4th of July merits a week off prior and afterwards like Easter.

Should the measure pass my question is who will be going to the Middle East to enforce the law when the American flag and various U.S. leaders are burned in effigy? Will wholesale armies be poised on the border of all countries needing regime change? Will the torching of an American flag be just the invite needed to invade and clean house?

The fine work of our elected leaders stands on its own, alone in a field. Unfortunately they have placed our country there as well….

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Andy said...

What do you think of DC's attempt to use a flag as a political tool against taxation without representation? We have marked up our flag to tell the world that DC residents face taxation without representation since over 500,000 American citizens pay takes but have no voting representative in the Nation's Capital. A sad anachronism of the Constitution that the Stamp Act Congress would like you to know all about.

Help us protest by buying a stamp to add "Stamp out taxation without representation in Washington DC!" to the dollar bill (a la Where's George?").

Andy C
President, Stamp Act Congress