Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Karl’s Free to Make November Elections Most Malodorous

(AP) Free from possible charges in the investigation of the White House’s outing of a CIA agent, Karl Rove can now turn his full attention to the November elections. Expect rancor, polarization, demeaning personal attacks, even illegal behavior as the architect designs the upcoming elections for Republican advantage.

Expect obscene amounts of money to be raised and spent on attack campaigns. Watch as democracy plummets once again from its elevating ideal of electing leaders who serve into voting for the least disgusting, self serving candidate, neither of which you would invite to dinner for pleasant and civil conversation.

Karl found out the good news last night after landing in New Hampshire for a fundraiser. The state Republican Party could use the donations, having spent over $700,000 defending James Tobin for illegal acts by interfering with an election. That Mr. Tobin is a Bush fundraising heavyweight, achieving Ranger status, is usually left out of news articles on his conviction.

While raising money, Karl pointed directly at issues he will use to divide Americans this fall, the American economic juggernaut and the war in Iraq. He believes the economy is strong and Republicans should not hesitate to promote its vigor. Karl also said the party should not have any qualms defending the war in Iraq. And the best to defend is to conduct an offensive, personal attack so Karl lit into Rep. John Murtha and Sen. John Kerry.

What will the American people do this fall? How many will tune in and how many will turn off? Karl’s plans are for his supporters to tune in and vote like crazy. Turning off large numbers of people to “democratic” elections might not be such a bad strategy after all.

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Unknown said...

My only hope is Rummy or Dead-eye Dick will get caught in PlameGate now..that Rover turned on them..

but I doubt it..I wonder what Fitz is up to..Scooter can not be the only person indicted for PlameGate.

krazy karl is one helluva point man for the Shrub..