Sunday, June 04, 2006

It Turns Out Hell is in United States!

Dear President Bush,

The news informed me that Hell exists right here in the good ole U.S. of A. The town is planning a big party to celebrate June 6th, 2006. That date, 6-6-06 is closest to the number long associated with the Dark Master, 666. Hell turns out to be an unincorporated hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit, Michigan. It got its name in 1841 from one of two stories. Hell came from a German visitor who called the place “so bright and beautiful” in his native tongue or from an early settler who answered “I don’t care, you can call it Hell if you want to”.

In a unique capitalistic bent, numerous businesspersons are planning to make money off this event. Radio stations in Seattle and San Diego are raffling off trips to Hell. A town drinking establishment promotes its Bloody Devils, a variant of the Bloody Mary. The mayor owns a souvenir shop and he is going all out. Eight foot high gates of Hell will be installed in the children’s play area. When they close, it forms a devil’s head.

Now 165 years old, Hell with its 72 Hellions or Hell-belies is planning to party. With all the talk of people going to hell, I expected a lot more people to be there. Only 72? That says a lot about God’s love and grace for all. Yes, it goes to even those who show up to get that “certificate of authenticity” that they spent June 6, 2006 in Hell. God’s unconditional love cannot be undone by mere humans. Not even by those who would send their brothers and sisters in humanity to hell. At least that is the view from here.

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