Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thugs Win

Dear President Bush,

An elected President cannot appear before his constituents to give a speech for fear of being shot by his avowed enemies. Might this be in the fledgling democracies of Afghanistan or Iraq? No, it is happening in the shining example of democratic success, the United States of America.

The Senior Class President of Truman High School has been banned from their high school graduation for fear he will be shot by an area gang. The leader was to give a commencement address. I appreciate administrators’ concern for the youth’s safety but am disturbed by the solution. It seems appropriate security could ensure a safe environment for the President to make his remarks to his fellow students.

How do you give speeches in public without fear of being shot? Should you have any advice for the school or the young leader, my guess is they would appreciate it.

This is my first letter to you on 06-06-06. Do you think the Beast is behind gang violence? Or is the devil behind the police and school system’s jellyfish response to gang threats? Write me back, I want to know.

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