Sunday, June 04, 2006

Olmert Adds Smoke & Mirrors

Dear President Bush,

Last time we checked Israeli Prime Minister Olmert created a Catch 22 ensuring his unilateral plan would proceed. He gave a six month window for negotiations with Palestinian leadership before enacting his one way “peace” plan. In doing so, he specified no Palestinian leaders qualified for the meeting. Hamas did not make the cut as they have not denounced their aim to eliminate Israel and President Mahmoud Abbas failed as he no longer had broad standing.

In an apparent about face Mr. Olmert said he would meet with Mr. Abbas “to urge the resumption of negotiations”. Why does he not meet with the Palestinian President by resuming actual negotiations? Instead the Israeli PM will meet with Abbas to insist the Palestinians carry out their commitments to dismantle violent groups.

Will Mr. Olmert note the log in his eye of growing West Bank settlements as he points out the stick in the Palestinian President”s? Doubtful. As is the case in most current international negotiations, the more powerful party wants their way and is willing to use smoke and mirrors to achieve their ends. The offer to meet is the smoke and the mirror reflects the light that would reveal Israel’s failure to live up to their end of the U.S. backed road map to peace. It is a shame the cigar and the compact both say made in the USA.

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