Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rice Can’t Give Specific Date to Iran

Dear President Bush,

Sec. Rice hinted to the Iranian President that he is on a short leash concerning the offer from the six pack nations concerning Iran’s nuclear technology program. She said it would be “a matter of weeks, not months” before failing to give a specific date. Reminiscent of your position on Iraq, Condi said:

“We don’t make political decisions here in Washington. We listen to our diplomats on the ground in Iran. When they say it is time to bomb, then it is time to bomb. We leave politicians completely out of the equation.”

Yes, it is all too clear. Condi hints at a timeframe but will not give one. Tony Snow says the Iraq Prime Minister was mistranslated, but won’t provide the accurate one. Can’t and won’t seem to be the hallmarks of your administration.

P.S. Sec. Rice did not say the words attributed to her in this post. They are fiction.

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