Monday, June 26, 2006

Pat Robertson’s Divine Interpretation Needed at White House

(AP) The Reverend Pat Robertson was too busy being interviewed by CBS on U.S. foreign policy regarding the Palestine/Israel land dispute to offer the White House his better known talents of divine interpretation as to why the Lord struck down a White House tree. Why did God send the majestic elm crashing to the ground near the President’s front door?

Instead of shedding important light on God’s message to President Bush, Rev. Pat was suggesting Israel follow his guidance and not give another stinking inch of holy land to terrorists. Then again Pat has been in a slump as far as divine interpretation. He is yet to weigh in on why God smacked his Lear Jet out of the sky and into the drink, killing both pilots.

As for foreign policy, doesn’t Pat know most of our international policy is driven by U.S. business interests? If he has any doubt he should explore the makeup of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations. While it has members from both parties, the Council is dominated by business interests, investment houses and large corporations. Then I remembered Pat is the head of a large media corporation, CBN, so he is qualified to give advice to our nation’s CEO!

In closing the CBS interview Rev. Robertson said in effect the Israelis get to run their own country, that it is their decision. Yet, this seemed to be said grudgingly. If Pat could have the holy lands himself, I sensed that would make him very happy.

Why do people in the Muslim world see the West as arrogant and selfish? It might be because American foreign policy favors U.S. corporations and drives what we want vs. what the people of the country want or need. As for the makeup of the Council on Foreign Relations, will they add Christian media giant Pat to the group? Or might they add some customers of our foreign relations policies to the group? Nahhhh!

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