Thursday, June 01, 2006

Exxon Mobile CEO Lies to Public

Dear President Bush,

Do leaders think the common person is stupid? They must as the CEO of Exxon said the following at their annual shareholder meeting.

Exxon CEO Rex W. Tillerson said the company was sensitive to motorists' complaints about high gasoline prices but can't do anything about the situation. He said Exxon Mobil would keep searching for oil, but it would take several years for supply and demand to even out.

The company maintains its disdain for alternative fuels, which Tillerson said won't be a practical replacement for oil and gas for decades. Tillerson said Exxon Mobil won't invest in lower-return products.

Exxon could lower its prices and still be very profitable. Instead Exxon continues to make record profits, quarter after quarter on the backs of its consumers. They say they have billions to invest in new production. If Congress can talk about giving a tax rebate to citizens when the country is running a deficit, the options available to a highly profitable company with billions in reserves should be endless. Exxon owes the consumer something. It can do something. It can do lots of things. It just won’t. Don’t think the American consumer won’t remember.

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