Friday, June 02, 2006

Week’s News Raises New Theological Questions

Dear President Bush,

As you talk to God please get him to weigh in on two of this week’s newsworthy items. Can you ask him the following questions?

1. Why did Rev. Pat Robertson’s Lear jet crash into the water in Connecticut? Rev. Pat is quite skilled at interpreting the message of the divine but he may not have clear vision as God smote his property. What is the Almighty trying to tell Pat?

2. How did Noah accommodate the chemosynthesis animals on the Ark? Two distinctly different eco-systems run on chemical vs. light driven processes. The ones as the bottom of the ocean are under tremendous pressure and have both near freezing and boiling temperatures mixing. The other, a cave community recently found in the Holy Land, operates with little oxygen and virtually no light. How did Noah take care of the elephants, giraffes, tubeworms, and shrimp like crustaceans as their habitats are so varied?

Once you get your answer from God, please write me back. I want to know.

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