Friday, June 09, 2006

Tom DeLay’s Refreshing Farwell Address

(AP) As Tom DeLay left the House of Representatives he offered sage advice to those who remain. He spoke eloquently on behalf of partisan politics. "For all its faults, it is partisanship - based on core principles - that clarifies our debates, that prevents one party from straying too far from the mainstream and that constantly refreshes our politics with new ideas and new leaders." The 11-term Republican from Texas, said it is customary for departing lawmakers to "reminisce about the 'good old days' of political harmony and across-the-aisle camaraderie." "I can't do that," he said.

As this reporter reflects on his words, only one image came to mind that is both refreshing and represents Tom DeLay’s contributions during his time in office. Tom DeLay’s refreshing partisan politics is the relieving bowel movement left on the floor. While his dump may have felt good to Tom, the malodorous product remains ever present in the center of the House chambers. His pinched so frequently during his 11 terms in office they called him “Charmin Tom”. Most thought it was in reference to repeated requests that lobbyists wipe his ass, but instead it served as a tribute to Tom’s production as a legislator.

Yes, Tom DeLay is retiring but the overwhelming stench of partisan politics remains. It will take lots of air freshener to overcome the revolting odor and with an election just around the corner many more "stinkies" will soon be dropped. Can our American democracy survive such “refreshing” partisan politics?

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