Thursday, June 01, 2006

Reid Says He Won’t Accept Free Tickets, Implements Ticket Acceptance Fee

Dear President Bush,

Senator Harry Reid learned something from your 2000 and 2004 Presidential Campaign. Instead of using Pioneer, Ranger and Super Ranger designations to denote high dollar fundraisers, the Nevada leader will use distinctly regional appellations.

Those who pay Senator Reid $1,000 to accept boxing tickets will be called Lightweights. People offering him $5,000 to take complimentary ringside seats will be noted as Middleweights. Heavyweights pay $100,000 per ticket for Harry to bring his whole extended family to the Friday night fights. This can run as high as the $1,000,000 you recently raised for Maryland Republicans. Praise the American free enterprise, capitalistic election system!

P.S. The part about Harry Reid's donation system is fiction, made up for humorous purposes only. However if he would like to use my classification, I am sure we can work out a suitable arrangement!

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