Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Klan is Back in Midland, Texas

(AP) The homegrown terrorist group with a long history of violence against citizens, made its debut in President Bush’s childhood hometown. Twenty five Klansman verbally squared off with approximately 500 counter protesters. The majority of the Klan drove up from San Angelo, the location of their local chapter with 15-20 members. The last time the San Angelo Chapter protested was November 2005 at an anti-gay marriage rally in Austin. Steven Edwards founded the chapter in 2000, later acknowledging that is not his real name.

Other Klan supporters turned out at the Midland rally. A member of San Angelo’s American Nazi Party turned out to support their position on immigration. Some counter protesters acted peacefully, but a few acted out and were arrested. A Klan opponent had this to say “I don’t think anyone will stop the Klan, but we are sure going to try.”

Isn’t Homeland Security supposed to stop homegrown terrorists? They can start by investigating the man with the alias.

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bsealy said...

i think we need to take back our country and our rights, i would've tried to go to this ralley if i had known the klan or even skin heads or what ever lable you use idont belive its all about violence and them just out to get someone they know there place in this world and are willing to stand up for it, unlike have of us that are the pussy's we are.